Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Compudesk

Do you ever dream of customization? From Nerf guns to entire homes, there is a huge community of artists and manipulators who just aren't quite satisfied with the aesthetics of store-bought goods. While a large number of these people are in fact skilled craftsmen building either from scratch or scrap, there is an equally large community dedicated to merely changing the appearance of an object. Got a thing for art deco? No problem, there's a community on the web that will help you turn that old radio into a thing of beauty. For others, computer customization is their niche. One man even created a de- er, compu- ...compudesk that would fulfill any cyberpunk enthusiast's dreams.

In the entry for the Cooler Master 2011 Case Mod Competition, Peter (a.k.a., L3p D3sk) describes the scratch build as having the following features:

  • 10TB+ of storage
  • Overclock potential: 4,5Ghz+
  • Constructed from aluminum and glass
  • Water cooled
  • No cables in sight
  • Easy to change hardware
  • And most important, completely silent with cooling beneath my house. 

The complete specs are available for marveling over, as well as a photo gallery for this amazing build. Whether you love the glowing green and blue lights or think them impractical (or think it looks like something from Tron), the creator deserves libations for designing and building this in only eight months.

L3p D3sk - 2011 Case Mod Competition | Cooler Master


  1. Nice battlestation man! Keep us posted.

  2. It's not actually mine, unfortunately. However, I would love if it was!

  3. That could be one of the greatest things i've ever seen